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Phong Nguyet coffee

Phong Nguyet coffee

107/6 Trương Định, Quận 3, TP. HCM

Hotline: 0908 153 568 (C.Thủy)

It is hard to believe that in the downtown, there exists such a simple and even ideal place which hides itself behind the wooden window with the creepers’ covering. Getting the beauty sense of moon and the movement sense of wind in the name, Phong Nguyet coffee creates for customers a harmonious, romantic and lyrical space.

Crossing a fish lake with gravels, green plants, interlacing creepers and a well covered with moss, you find out that there is an ancient wooden gate welcoming those who accidentally come here for a while.


Entering the shop, you will feel like an adventure to another world. The rough brown wood and red brick walls are built in a out-of-way manner to make the space interestingly mysterious. Each corner of the table is automatically washed into the light and also has a different atmosphere. It is not the harsh hot light resulted from the weather changing season as in the city of Saigon but the light and gentle of the warm white moon in the starry sky. It is the light of many emotions.

Besides, the coldness is somewhat different. You may feel not the bitter coldness but one with warmth together. The coldness comes without loneliness because there are always souls willing to extend hands to warm the cold hearts.

With the wind and moon - moon and wind, Phong Nguyet is occupied with different moods of visitors to it. Sometimes it is warm and filled with happiness, charming sounds of life but at times, guests come here with a distant sight and a sea of thinking about the rush life outside. One factor which makes that blending and renascence of the spirit is the owner of the shop, such a gracious, friendly lady and that is also the comment made by a number of guests when mentioning Phong Nguyet.

Not sophisticated, not overestimating, with enthusiasm and simplicity, the owner greets all the visitors with goodwill and are willing to chat, exchange information for she considers them friends and family .

Accordingly, coming to Phong Nguyet, you will definitely have a truly personal space so that low pitches of sound bring human soul away from the real world and that the poetry washes into the soul who has a missing place inside, for a little peace in his heart. Just let some little bitter coffee help give more love to life and people.


“Wind brings around cloud, comforts an empty love

Moon shines willow through adventure dream”

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